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We have an indefinite number of types of rice.
In the current market, We are one of the best suppliers of Raw Rice in India.

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India has been the world’s top rice exporter since the beginning of this decade. We are deal with Idli Rice, Ponni Rice, Sonna Masoori, Ponni Raw Rice, Seeraga Samba Rice, Basmati Rice, Dosa Rice Exports and Distribution

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Idli Rice
Idli Rice

Idli or idly are a type of savoury rice cake, originating from the Indian subcontinent, popular as breakfast foods in southern India and among Indian-origin Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Ponni Rice

Ponni Rice

Ponni rice is a variety of rice developed by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in 1986. It is widely cultivated in Tamil Nadu a state in India, and is a hybrid variety of Taichung65 and Myang Ebos 6080/2

Sona Masoori

Sona Masoori

Sona Masuri is a medium-grain rice grown largely in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. In Telugu, Sona Masuri rice is called Bangaru Theegalu. It is lightweight and aromatic.

Rice is the best, the most nutritious and unquestionably the most widespread staple in the world.

Food for thought

Medical advantages and Nutrition Facts

  1. B nutrients, which are associated with numerous natural capacities;
  2. Folate (folic corrosive), a B nutrient that enables the body to shape new cells and can counteract certain birth absconds;
  3. Iron, a mineral that the body uses to convey oxygen in the blood;
  4. Magnesium, a mineral that is associated with in excess of 300 natural capacities;
  5. Selenium, a mineral included the invulnerable framework and managing the thyroid organ.

“Chicken, brown rice, and veggies is a great healthy dinner option. It’s full of whole grains and protein and will keep you full for a long time.”

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Harmonize your body, mind and inner self.

Rice is a versatile grain that’s a food staple for many people around the world.

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There is an indefinite number of types of rice.


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